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Establishing a health justice partnership

Wondering how to start a health justice partnership? Our experience can help set you up for success.

How we can help

As the national centre of excellence for health justice partnership, Health Justice Australia is your one-stop shop for setting up and building effective partnerships.

We can provide a range of help, from conducting a legal needs assessment to determine what kinds of help would benefit your community, to partnership brokerage, establishing shared goals with your partner organisation, and setting up a measurement and evaluation framework. Our training, tools and resources.

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Explore our resources

Looking for information or practical tools to help you establish a health justice partnership?

Alongside tailored support and training programs, we have a library of tools and resources to help get you on your way to establishing a successful health justice partnership.

From a deep dive into the essential building blocks of partnership, to an MoU template, and advocacy tools to help build buy-in for your partnership, our resources answer the questions we hear most often from practitioners and service managers.

View our resources for establishing an HJP.

Health Justice Australia’s understanding of the health justice partnership model in Australia and internationally has been invaluable as we set up a new integrated approach. They were also key contributors in our efforts to build effective working relationships with other services and community organisations in Central Australia.