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Meet our supporters

The support of these organisations allows us to have the strongest impact possible.

Paul Ramsay Foundation

The Paul Ramsay Foundation provides core financial support for Health Justice Australia’s work as an intermediary across the justice and other service systems, enabling our research, work with practitioners and strategic advocacy. 

Australian Government Department of Health

The department supports Health Justice Australia as part of the National Preventive Health Strategy, enabling our support for service integration across and beyond healthcare settings to improve health equity.  

Equity Trustees

Equity Trustees supports our work to build practitioner capability to work collaboratively in response to complex problems including the health, legal and social problems that drive interaction of families with the child protection system.  

Menzies Foundation

Menzies Foundation supports our work as an intermediary to identify collaborative solutions to the unmet legal and other problems that drive people’s interaction with justice systems including child protection. 


Folk has supported our capability to collect, translate and share knowledge in support of better health and justice outcomes. 


Centre of Research Excellence in Childhood Adversity

Centre of Research Excellence in Childhood Adversity is a five year research program (2019-2023) co-funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and Beyond Blue, to create a sustainable service approach, co-designed with end users, that will improve children’s mental health by earlier detection and response to adversity. Health Justice Australia is a partner in this CRE, identifying legal need and including access to legal assistance within the service approach. 

Centre of Research Excellence for Integrated Health and Social Care

Centre of Research Excellence for Integrated Health and Social Care is funded by National Health and Medical Research Council to reduce hospitalisation through innovative, high quality, collaborative research of home and community-based service systems. Health Justice Australia is a partner in this CRE, supporting the evaluation of services and interventions that integrate health and social care; and contributing to local, national and international dialogues for policy change. 

International Foundation for Integrated Care

International Foundation for Integrated Care develops capacity and capabilities in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region in the design and delivery of integrated care. Health Justice Australia is a knowledge partner of IFIC Australia. 

Neami National

Neami National  is a community-based organisation providing services to improve mental health and wellbeing in local communities. Neami and Health Justice Australia have a research relationship to explore together the legal needs of their consumers and what local staff and services need to support consumer access to legal help in or through these settings. HJA is also working with Neami to build their capability for health justice partnership in three of their service settings. 


Aon supports Health Justice Australia’s use of psychometric assessments as part of the data we use in our recruitment, identification and management of talent within our workforce.   

ECSTRA Foundation

ECSTRA Foundation have supported Health Justice Australia to explore how financial wellbeing is currently addressed through health justice partnerships, including how partnerships work with financial counsellors. This foundational work will support ongoing connection, learning and development across the health justice landscape to build capability to achieve and measure financial wellbeing outcomes. 

Victorian Legal Service Board

Victorian Legal Service Board supported Health Justice Australia to work with a small number of Victorian HJPs, to strengthen capability for partnership as a tool for impact, then to design, implement and learn from appropriate and measurable HJP outcomes.