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Better health and justice outcomes for people experiencing disadvantage.

Health Justice Australia

Who we are

Health Justice Australia is the national centre of excellence for health justice partnership, supporting collaborations between services to achieve better health and justice outcomes for vulnerable communities.

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What we do

Our work builds expertise, identifies system barriers, creates opportunities for systems change, and enables health justice partnerships to expand and increase their impact.

We’re connecting the evidence, expertise and experiences of a diverse range of professionals, researchers and communities to explore partnership to address inequities in health and justice.


We work to build the confidence, skills and readiness of health and justice practitioners, advocates and leaders to work together towards better outcomes for their patients and clients.


We’re working towards lasting systems change through strategic advocacy toward reforms in policy settings, service design and funding.

strategic advocacy


Building effective health justice partnerships (HJPs) means paying attention to how you work together, not just what you do. Here’s a guide to help you set up processes for reviewing your partnership.


This report discusses whether and how health justice partnerships achieve financial wellbeing outcomes for their clients, how they work with financial counsellors and the opportunities and constraints of addressing financial wellbeing.