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Tailored support

Our specialised programs offer practical support to services and practitioners as they build, work in and evaluate health justice partnerships.

Finding your feet: Health justice needs and opportunity assessment

By identifying the kinds of legal help that is most needed in your health setting, we can help you tailor your partnership to your local context.

Armed with this information, we can explore opportunities to meet this need through health justice partnership, as well as potential partners. This assessment can be used to inform organisational and collaborative place-based service planning for a particular community or group.

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Getting started: Partnership brokerage

Our place-based partnership brokerage workshops bring together services at the start of their health justice partnership to build the essential foundations for success.

Informed by scoping interviews, these workshops guide partners to co-create an action plan for next steps. We help you achieve this by building a shared understanding of partnership, mapping motivations to partner, unearthing expectations, establishing shared goals, naming and preparing for risk, and identifying what will be needed to maintain an effective partnership approach

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Maintaining your HJP: Partnership health check

Our HJP health check is an opportunity to re-focus on the essential foundations of partnership, acknowledging inevitable changes occur over time.

This program provides a facilitated process for partnering services to review changes in the context of relationships, the experience of partnering from the different perspective of each partner, the added value of the partnership for each partner, and the partnership’s efficiency and effectiveness in achieving shared goals.

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Ongoing support: Coaching and mentoring

Experience tells us that coaching and mentoring can play a valuable role in supporting practitioners and services to put into practice new health justice partnering skills and mindsets.

Our structured coaching and mentoring program is offered as a minimum of 6 sessions on an individual basis or collectively across partner organisations. We work with participants to confirm aims, objectives and focus areas for sessions.

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Measuring your success: Support for developing, measuring and evaluating outcomes

Establishing a commitment to, and process for, working towards shared outcomes is critical to the effectiveness and sustainability of a health justice partnership.

We can support you to develop, measure and evaluate outcomes that work for you and your clients, as well as those funding your partnership. We can work with you to:

  • develop, refine, or revise a shared program logic or theory of change
  • plan for evaluation, including identifying the key evaluation questions relevant to the health justice partnership’s impact, cost, and processes
  • identify and/or develop data collection strategies and tools to address evaluation questions
  • implement the evaluation plan to collaboratively analyse and report data.
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