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Programs of training

Our tailored training programs are designed to build specific skills required to work effectively in partnership.

Partnership Foundations Program

This program supports participants to invest in and apply the essential foundations for success when building and maintaining partnerships.

The program draws upon our experience supporting the development and maintenance of complex partnerships, and dives deeper into the recommendations contained in the Building blocks for health justice partnership development resource, supporting practitioners to translate the evidence of effective partnering into practical, achievable partnership development strategies and processes that fit their own unique context and needs.

The program consists of five learning modules and three interactive online workshops.

Contact us to find out about upcoming availability.

Evaluation Foundations Program

This program is an introduction to evaluation planning tailored to the needs of those working in health justice partnerships. 

The program supports participants to clarify each organisation’s expectations, needs and resources for evaluation; understand the potential outcomes of health justice partnership; and develop a shared evaluation plan. 

The program is designed for those with experience in the legal assistance sector who are new to evaluation. It may also be useful for those with experience in evaluation who are new to the legal assistance sector. 

The program consists of 5 learning modules and three online workshops. 

Contact us to find out about upcoming availability.