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Health justice landscape: July 2021 snapshot

There are a total of 109 health justice services currently operating across Australia in which legal help is provided in healthcare settings and teams. These services include both formal health justice partnerships and various outreach, integrated or hub services that combine legal assistance and healthcare.

Due to Covid19, many health justice services experienced periods of inactivity or reduced activity over the previous 12 months. However, the pandemic has also prompted the development of new remote and Covid-safe ways of working.

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Health settings

  • 46 services are present in hospitals
  • 32 in community settings
  • 28 in primary health settings (other than Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander health services)
  • 34 partnerships involve legal aid commissions
  • 79 involve generalist or specialist community legal centres
  • 2 involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services
  • 3 involve other types of legal services

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